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Explain pre-approval and buyer and seller motivation.

When your clients decide to buy or sell a property, there is always a motivation behind their decision. Understanding this real estate buyer and seller motivation can help you better serve your clients.

When you understand the motivation behind your client's decision to purchase or sell a property, you can better serve them. Perhaps your clients need to sell their current home because one of their children experiences severe allergies and their current home is not properly equipped with an air-filtration system. This motivation to move is also their motivation to buy. Therefore, you must find them a home that has a high-quality air-filtration system.

Without taking the time to sit down and understand the motivations of your clients, you are ill-equipped to serve them in the best way you can. Therefore, it is crucial that you take the time to discuss your clients' motivations.

Furthermore, your career as a real estate broker depends partly on your customer reviews. You will not receive any new clients if your old ones leave poor reviews. Therefore, it is no secret that a crucial part of your job is to satisfy, and perhaps to even go above and beyond, for your clients. Not only will understanding their motivations help you serve them better, but it will also leave a very positive impression on your clients. Perhaps, that may result in a glowing review.

This is why RealEstateCE.com offers a lesson on real estate buyer and seller motivation.

This lesson includes three in-depth case studies to help you hone your abilities to understand buyer and seller motivation. Also included in this lesson is a comprehensive list of questions you can ask yourself concerning these motivations.

Furthermore, it is also the responsibility of a real estate professionals to keep tabs on their clients' financial position. More specifically,

  • Earnest money
  • Down payment
  • Total purchasing power

These financial aspects are crucial to the purchasing of property. A real estate professional must understand how much money her clients are willing to place under each category. Our real estate continuing education lesson on real estate buyer and seller motivations includes a discussion on these financial aspects.

Furthermore, a real estate professional must also keep tabs on her clients' personal situation as well. More specifically,

  • Buyer's current housing situation
  • Closing date
  • Rental Notice
  • Lease
  • Current Sale
  • Schools

Guesswork will simply not cut it in this field of work. As a real estate professional, you must have a firm grasp on your client's current personal situation in order to best serve their needs. RealEstateCE.com's lesson on buyer and seller motivation also includes a discussion on your client's personal situation.

Finally, as a real estate professional you need to understand the correlation between condition of property and ability to obtain a loan.

Your clients will rely on you to help walk them through a situation in which a loan may be denied as a result of the condition of the property the are purchasing. Our real estate CE lesson on buyer and seller motivation also includes a discussion on how you can best understand this process.

Understanding real estate buyer and seller motivation is an important part of your job as a real estate professional. RealEstateCE.com can teach you how to approach this process.