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Matt Leighton Featured Image

VA Real Estate Online CE Course Review Matt Leighton

While online I stumbled upon Matt Leighton's vlog post. His funny and unique approach to real estate is insightful and humorous at the same time! Mid–way through Matt's video he mentions RealEstateCE and our VA real estate online CE courses. Check out what he had to say in his vlog post.

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Commercial real estate Featured Image

Commercial real estate continuing ed course now available

Commercial real estate is an important part of the real estate industry but there are many complexities. RealEstateCE is now offering a commercial real estate continuing ed course: Commercial Real Estate Investing. This course will guide you through the government regulations, investment options, and other challenges you will face.

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Contractual Problems with Residential Real Estate Transactions Featured Image

Contractual Problems with Residential Real Estate Transactions

A residential real estate transaction is a complex process that involves multiple parties, extensive details, and serious legalities. The National Association of REALTORS® reported that 5.51 million existing homes and 612,000 newly constructed homes were purchased in 2017.’s course, Avoiding Common Mistakes, discusses mistakes that agents and brokers commonly make and provides a guide for modifying contracts.

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Building Green: Geothermal Energy for Homes Featured Image

Building Green: Geothermal Energy for Homes

The tiny home movement has sparked a debate about what it means to live the good life. Some view it as a way to live a richer life free from the trappings of consumerism and materialism. Others view it as a threat to the ideal of upward mobility or an indicator that the American Dream is no longer achievable for many. In essence, the tiny house movement is a housing trend in which people move into small homes to live more simply.

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Comments from Our Customers

"I have taken other online continuing education before and it seemed to be all over the place. This was very well organized! I will definitely be taking it again with!"

– Audrey W.

"I learn so much more on line then I do in a classroom with a bunch of distracted Realtors!"

– Cyd C.

"I'm so happy I discovered this site! It truly has made completing the necessary courses for my license so much easier!"

– Katie A.

"Thanks for making fun courses that are relevant to what we do!"

– Kasie F.

"These courses were very well presented and I found the site very usable and friendy. Thank you for all of your help in completing my required continuing education to renew my real estate license."

Dustin A. Ladd
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"As a long time Broker, I have taken many tests. Yours is put together very well, easy to read & understand, & material presented as good as I have seen. I really enjoyed the material & learned a great deal of NEW & TIMELY info."

"Thanks again for the experience."

"I am very pleased with the comprehensiveness of the course material. The Course was very easy to navigate online, and it provided a very efficient method to study the material and take exams while providing me with the necessary breaks to keep up with my day to day business activities."

"The staff support I received while registering and during lessons, when a question arose, was 2nd to none!!! Tracie and Effie are super ladies who take a sincere interest that your CE experience is both knowledgable and pleasant. I hold a Real Estate Brokers license in two states and this is the only place where I will continue to take my CE courses. Thank you for not only a great and knowledgable course study but for the attentiveness represented." – S.A.

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