Demonstrate skill in creating 'tweets' and creating appropriate hashtags. image

Demonstrate skill in creating 'tweets' and creating appropriate hashtags.

Creating quality content in 140 characters is challenging, but the rewards are plentiful! Tweets and hashtags are not just for millennials; you can also use them for your business. That is why has a lesson on Twitter real estate marketing.

Using Twitter as an advertising platform can help you reach new audiences, gain followers, and boost engagement. Using Twitter real estate marketing techniques for your business is a no-brainer. The challenge comes in learning to best use these tweets and hashtags to best serve your business.'s Twitter lesson can teach you the ins and outs of using Twitter to market your business and your brand. There are countless features on Twitter that allow you the opportunity to engage with an audience of people you could not reach otherwise.

Some of the Twitter features available to you are:

  • Retweets
  • Likes
  • @mentions
  • Promoted tweets
  • Biographies
  • Hashtags

Learning how to use all of these features will increase your brand exposure and get people engaged!

You can call attention to your blog with Twitter. By creating tweets and hashtags about your blog, you can drum up interest and even direct traffic to your blog.

The more traffic you have onto your blog means more people engaging with your content. This kind of brand exposure can get people talking. From retweets to @mentions, you can tap into a vast community with your Twitter account.

Our real estate continuing education lesson about Twitter can help you figure out how you can best encourage your audience to get engaged.

Hashtags have an infamous reputation in today's society. There was a period of time when it was popular to include an obscene amount of hashtags. But, what is the trend with hashtags today? How do you use them? How do they benefit me?

Hashtags are an integral part of Twitter and including them in your tweets can help you reach a broader audience. Our real estate CE class about Twitter can help you understand the infamous hashtag.

Not only are hashtags commonly used my users with personal accounts, they are also used in marketing strategies. There are several different types of hashtags that are used specifically in marketing. In's Twitter lesson you will learn about each one. With that knowledge, you can decide which hashtags will best suit your marketing strategy.

There are also common hashtags that can be utilized on your business Twitter account. Using these hashtags will also help you reach a broader audience and encourage them to engage.

Twitter is famous for its "trending topics" highlights. These trending topics are easy to access and also easy to participate in. Our real estate continuing education lesson will teach you how to tack advantage of these trending topics.

While Twitter may only provide you with 140 characters per tweet, the reward is invaluable. By learning to use Twitter for real estate marketing, you can get more traffic onto your blog and reach a broader audience. Tackle this challenge head-on with the help of