4.0 hours Planning and Growing a Real Estate Business – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

4.0 Elective Hours

Building a business is a time consuming, challenging process filled with highs and lows and successes and failures. The low moments and failures can feel like daggers in the back. They can discourage real estate professionals from pressing on to achieve their business goals. They can also elicit feelings of anger, fear, pessimism, and apathy. Some entrepreneurs do not give themselves enough credit for their successes. Even the smallest accomplishments are meaningful because real estate professionals can build on them to create larger successes.

It is by no means easy to stop negative thinking. However, real estate professionals can learn a technique called reframing to diminish negative thinking. It involves sending the sub conscious a positive message. Creating a successful business can be a tremendous stressor because it requires taking risks, making sacrifices, and dealing with uncertainty. When emotions become too difficult to manage, real estate professionals should consider seeking the help of a skilled coach or mentor.

Mental sharpness, strategic thinking, professional development, and positive thinking are essential for creating and sustaining a lucrative business. Therefore, successful entrepreneurs continue to strengthen their skills, sharpen their talents, and improve personal qualities even after their businesses become successful. This course discusses ways that real estate agents can continue to develop professionally and personally to ensure long-term business success.

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