4.0 hours Valuation, Marketing, and Listings – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

4.0 Elective Hours

There are many environmental factors which may impact listings and transactions. Some of these are drainage, floods earthquakes and wetlands.

Drainage problems are of particular issue since this can affect numerous aspects of a property. Areas that might be affected by drainage issues are the basements, crawl spaces, or foundations.

If the property contains landfill it can pose some interesting issues and questions also. Was the landfill filled with any hazardous substances? If the fill decomposes, will it cause settling?

If there is any material damage to the property from fire, wind, floods or earthquakes, this can be of concern also. There could be damage to a home’s structural members from fire. Floods may have caused erosion around a foundation. Earthquake movement could have caused damage to the structure.

The identification of wetlands on a property is crucial and can possibly prevent future development. Areas of area wetland may serve a different function such as flood control, ground water recharge and water filtration, erosion control, wildlife habitation, and recreation areas.

Upon completion of this course, the real estate professional will learn more about the different environmental factors that can impact a listing and will be able to describe environmental factors that may require disclosure in a Listing Agreement.

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