3.0 hours Avoiding Common Mistakes – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

3.0 Elective Hours

It's very easy for a real estate licensee to be charged with unintentional violations of the Fair Housing Act, in fact, it is one of the common mistakes made by real estate professionals. This makes it very important to have a clear understanding of fair housing as it relates to the various aspects of real estate.

The Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) administers and enforces federal laws and establishes policies that make sure all Americans have equal access to the housing of their choice. It is illegal for anyone to threaten, coerce, intimidate or interfere with anyone exercising a fair housing right or assisting others who exercise that right.

You may not advertise or make any statement that indicates a limitation or preference based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or handicap. This prohibition against discriminatory advertising applies to single-family and owner-occupied housing that is otherwise exempt from the Fair Housing Act.

Anyone who has been harmed by a housing action may file a Fair Housing complaint. Fair housing laws also protect anyone who is harmed because they associated with members of a protected class. Penalties for violations of the Fair Housing Act shall be fined in accordance with the violations committed, the consequences to the damaged party, whether the parties settled the alleged violation themselves or whether there was an investigation. A clear understanding of the Fair Housing Act is crucial.

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