3.0 hours Personal Safety – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

3.0 Elective Hours

Many brokerages are discouraging the use of photos in real estate advertising. If you do choose to use a photo on a business card, avoid expensive clothing and jewelry. Never list your home address on the card and never have a photo that includes family members. It's important to keep them safe as well as yourself. A criminal can target family members as well. Never give out your home phone number on a business card. Ensure that you are providing the utmost in professionalism and eliminating as much personal information as possible.

Advertising on the internet can be a great way to promote yourself. Care must be taken that you follow the rules of your brokerage and of your individual state when maintaining these websites. If you plan to advertise upcoming events, be sure that you have someone with you at these events always. Criminals often target websites for information about a person's whereabouts.

Social media can be a powerful tool for advertising your services and listings. It can also endanger your safety if the wrong information is displayed. Many real estate professionals have 2 Facebook accounts (one for their personal information and one for the professional business). Avoid family reference on the personal account and be sure not to post when you are gone or will be on vacation so that people will know when you won't be at home.

Caution should be taken when placing advertising and when posting to all social media sites. An agent should be able to identify what types of postings will increase the threat of safety for themselves and their clients. Care in self-promotion advertising should also be exercised to discourage criminal activity. This course contains various tips on how to protect your safety while still promoting effective real estate advertising.

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