3.0 hours Avoiding Common Mistakes – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

3.0 Core Hours

This course discusses is the importance of using only real estate forms and standardized forms that have been approved by an attorney.

Forms are one of the most important aspects of real estate. These forms, when filled out and signed by both the buyer and seller represent a legally binding contract between the parties. The Statute of Frauds states that all real estate contracts must be in writing. Should a dispute arise between the parties, a court of law will place more weight on the written contract then on parol (oral) evidence.

Use only standard forms in the exercise of your duties. Such forms must be reviewed and approved by real estate attorneys. Use extreme caution in adding anything to these standard forms.

Licensees need to take great care in using the standardized forms and must ensure that all additions are in line with the terms and conditions of the contract, or the licensee can be held liable for damages and losses. Upon course completion, the real estate professional will have a better understanding of the most commonly made mistakes in the real estate profession. Also discussed are resources that are available to help avoid these mistakes. Protect your New Jersey Real Estate License with this course.

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