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3.0 hours Doing The Right Thing - The Code Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus:

3.0 Elective Hours.

Who can file an ethics complaint?

Anyone may file an ethics complaint: another REALTOR®, a member of the public, or a REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® The person making the complaint is known as the complainant; the person against whom the complaint was made is known as the respondent.

A complainant can file both an ethics complaint and a request for arbitration over the same incident, and they may be filed simultaneously. In such a case, the Professional Standards Committee would hear the arbitration first and the ethics complaint second. Ethics complaints are about behavior and arbitration requests are about money.

The process of handling complaints is simple. A complaint is filed. The Grievance Committee determines whether an ethics complaint or arbitration request merits a hearing. If the complaint is validated by the Grievance Committee, it is heard before the Professional Standards Committee. Once the Professional Standards Committee has reached a decision, it is passed on to the Board of Directors of the local Association of REALTORS® for ratification.

An ethics complaint concerns behavior and can result in severe penalties for a REALTOR® depending upon the seriousness of the violation. This course reviews the complaint process so you will have a better understanding.