MS 2.0 hours License Law - Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

2.0 License Law.

Revisions and updates to Mississippi Real Estate License Laws are included in this mandatory two-hour course. It will provide the licensee with resources to assist them in maintaining current with requirements while expanding their knowledge of the laws of their industry.

Course Objective

Summarize the requirements for preparing a BPO. Explain and clarify the disclosure of information concerning size or area in a real estate transaction.

Discuss Mississippi licensing laws regarding application, qualifications, and maintenance in good standing.

Extrapolate on requirements for licensure in Mississippi including temporary license, post-license courses and business license.

Demonstrate knowledge of the cost of doing business, i.e., errors and omission insurance, licensing renewal fees, status changes.

Gain insight and demonstrate knowledge of Mississippi licensure laws, rules and regulations and perform in compliance with such.

Grasp relevant knowledge of the appeals process for any adverse ruling or order or decision of the Commission as well as penalties for violations.

Discuss the relevance of license law court cases to Mississippi laws and regulations.

Mississippi Case Law

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