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MI 3.0 hours Ethics (M1506) - Course Syllabus

 Ethics (M1506)  Course Video Image

Course Syllabus:

3.0 Elective Hours.

Real estate agents who practice in the areas of residential, commercial, investment, property management or financing need to be aware of the current state of ethical practices.

The significance of the Code of Ethics rests not merely in the guidance it provides those who subscribe to it, but also in the guidance it has provided the National Association in its growth and development. From the very beginning, the Code has provided the impetus for Association involvement in education of REALTORS® to support [the Preamble] and [Article] 11; in the protection of private property ownership to support [the Preamble]; in the creation and administration of multiple listing and other cooperative arrangements to support Articles [5] and [3]; in the arbitration of disputes to support Article [17]; in the protection of the consumer to support Articles [1] and [2].

Course Objective

Understand the Origins of the Code of Ethics

Is the Code the Law?

Learn the Preamble to the Code of Ethics

Discover the Aspirational Objectives in the Preamble

Article 1: A Key Guideline in Your Daily Approach to Business

What Article 1 Teaches Us

Article 2: All about Disclosures

Article 3: Communicate and Cooperate

Article 4: Where Is Your Interest?

Article 5: Current or Contemplated Interests

Article 6: Recommendations Are Disclosed

Article 7: Compensation from More than One Party

Article 8: REALTORS® Act as Fiduciaries

Article 9: Keeping Contracts in Order

Article 10: Discrimination Is Not Allowed

Article 11: Competence Is Key

Article 12: Present a True Picture in Advertising

Article 13: No Unauthorized Practice of Law

Article 14: Cooperate with an Investigation

Article 15: No False or Misleading Statements

Article 16: Respect Other REALTORS’® Clients

Article 17: In the Event of a Dispute

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