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4.0 hours Doing The Right Thing - The Code Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus:

4.0 Ethics Hours.

We all know that as a real estate professional we do not discriminate and offer equal professional services to all. Articles 10 through 14 of the Code of Ethics covers duties that are owed to the public.

Article 10 covers the equal provision of services. REALTORS® cannot volunteer information regarding the racial, religious, or ethnic composition of any neighborhood. This includes any practices, which may result in panic selling.

Article 11 sets forth the principle that a REALTOR® who works outside the field of competence, in which the REALTOR® typically engages, must either engage the assistance of one who is competent in that field or fully disclose the facts to the client.

Article 12 is essentially the truth in advertising article. It calls upon REALTORS® to present a true picture in advertising and representations to the public.

Article 13, prohibits REALTORS® from the unauthorized practice of law. It also states REALTORS® shall recommend that legal counsel is obtained when the interest of any party to the transaction requires it.

Article 14 is about cooperation with code enforcement.

Duties to the Public are set forth in Articles 10-14. Those duties include non-discrimination, provide services which meet the standards of practice and competence of the real estate discipline involved, being truthful in advertising, the duty to abstain from the practice of law and cooperation with the local association in any ethics proceeding.