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3.0 hours OLD Core Law – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

3.0 Core Law Hours.

Core law focuses on recent changes to state and federal real estate license law, highlighting both law and rules. The Florida Legislature passes and amends real estate law each year. These laws are published in the Florida Statutes Chapter 475 and in Rules of the Florida Real Estate Commission, Chapter 61J2, Florida Administrative Code.

Learning Objectives include;

  • Distinguish between different sources of Law in general and Florida Real Estate Law in particular. Thereby preparing and protecting the licensee, other licensees, clients, customers, and the public in the practice of Real Estate.
  • Know how to reach the Florida Division of Real Estate on the web, by phone, and mail. This allows the licensee to stay current on Division matters, make changes, and keep contact.
  • Learn and correctly use the vocabulary in the code to better communicate with other real estate professionals and explain to clients.
  • Study, understand and apply Chapter 475
  • Protect the licensee's, client’s and public’s interests imposed by these specific sections with a trained and studied understanding of their application in practice.
  • Engage in business practice with a clear understanding of the laws and how they impact a Real Estate license.
  • Avoid or correct situations where breaching the laws can hurt the licensee, the public, the client, and/or the industry’s reputation. Hopefully limit the amount of work created for the Real Estate Division because of infractions.