AL 6.0 hours Broker or Salesperson Risk Management Level 1 and Level 2 Package - How it Works

Renewal Package:

Need just the mandatories? The Alabama online real estate courses in this package contain risk level 1 & 2 courses. Work on them from any device - all are mobile friendly.

Throughout these courses, the licensee must keep in mind that these are not principles of licensing law courses but rather a risk avoidance courses. Risk management is the only subject matter required to be taken by all licensees in Alabama, and as such, the Alabama Real Estate Commission has made a comment on its importance to all licensees.

Even though all licensees are in business to generate income and make a living from listing, selling, leasing, or managing real estate, we should not forget the primary goal of the industry, which is the representation and care of the real estate consumer.

Often, when an agent or broker makes a conscious decision to take or not take an action relating to a real estate transaction, we may create risk. A certain level of business risk may be deemed acceptable to the licensee, but the level of business risk should be a conscious decision, not guesswork.

Remember, licensees should always check with their brokers or legal representatives when there is no clear-cut answer to their specific situation.

CE Requirement:

15 hours of continuing education. Courses must include:

  • 3 hours in Risk Management – Level 1 Avoiding Violations course
  • 3 hours in Risk Management for Brokers – Level 2 course
  • 9 hours Electives

Included Courses Approved for Exam Required Quiz Grade Seat Timer
3.0 hours Risk Management: Avoiding Violations 3.0 Risk Management: Avoiding Violations.
3.0 hours Risk Management for Brokers 3.0 Risk Management for Brokers.