Real Estate Continuing Education Customer Testimonials

Kasie F.

Thanks for making fun courses that are relevant to what we do!

Dustin Arthur Ladd, Alta Loma, California

These courses were very well presented and I found the site very usable and friendy. Thank you for all of your help in completing my required continuing education to renew my real estate license. Sincerely, Dustin A. Ladd Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Todd Marshall Later, Los Angeles, California

I am very pleased with the comprehensiveness of the course material. I found it extremely informative and the quizzes and the phrase matching really facilitated absorption of the material. Although I have specialized in commercial real estate for almost 40 years, I found that I still learned a lot about real estate contracts, while being made aware of the extensive fraud potential and predatory lending practices in residential real estate that I wasn't aware of. I am considering following up with a specialization in residential real estate sales over the next few years, and I found that the material provided in these courses gives me a solid introduction into the field. The Course was very easy to navigate online, and it provided a very efficient method to study the material and take exams while providing me with the necessary breaks to keep up with my day to day business activities.


The staff support I received while registering and during lessons when a q'tion arose was 2nd to none!!!Tracy & Effie are super ladies who take a sincere interest that your CE experience is both knowledgeable and pleasant. I hold a RE brokers license in 2 states and this is the only place where I will continue to take my CE courses. Thank you for not only a great and knowledgeable course study but for the attentiveness represented. S.A.

Edward Brooks, Spanish Fort, Alabama

As a Broker owner, I probably will never go to a class again that takes all day in the middle of business day. This was well put together and I had to read the courses, watch the videos and I believe I retained more about all of the courses, than I have before! This was concise, clear, and accessible, and more important economical. Thanks again!

Alice B. Six, Leesburg, Florida

I have taken this course with you previously and again I found the website to be user friendly. As well, the information provided and test questions to be direct and applicable. Thank you for your continued good work and service to the Real Estate Community.

Eddie W Sumpter, Fayetteville, Georgia

SUPERB and educational course ! Thank you for survey !

Catherine Goski, Cranford, New Jersey

awesome course!

Marie G. Morris-price, Hammonton, New Jersey

I was comfortable with the Real Estate CE course, with doing it in my home and taking the time to review all the information. The course was very knowledgeable.

Suyen C Vilchez, Gainesville, Florida

It is a great course

Gary Fishwick, Poughkeepsie, New York

very good course.

Gabe, Arvada, Colorado

The courses were very well written and the quizzes were very helpful. I will be recommending Real Estate CE highly to all my colleagues.

Nidia Gundlach, White Plains, New York

extremely informative and well prepared wonderful service

Randall G Childress, Jacksonville, Florida

Great way to take the course. Very easy to use. I appreciate the large font. This is the way to do it. I will use it again. Thanks,

Nizar Hasan Nakieb, Modesto, California

Good , thank you

Phyllis Parrilla, Poughkeepsie, New York

I really I joyed the course. I felt that it was very informative yet not difficult. It was also easy to understand and to follow. Thank you and please email in two years.

Kharati Sachdeva, Eugene, Oregon

Excellent course enjoyed going through it step by step

Edwin Antonio Portillo, Newhall, California

I found this course excellent. The way of teaching is clear, precise and the questions are useful for the real practice.

Great course testing

Merlin F Mclaughlin, Wedowee, Alabama

Your real estate continuing education (CE) course is one of the most complete and comprehensive I've ever taken. Thank you.

Douglas, Martha Lea, Corpus Christi, Texas

I enjoyed the course and learned some new things. Very informative and the price is right.

Horton, Carol L, Alief, Texas

Your CE course to renew my Real Estate License is the best I have ever used. I still have more hours to be completed; however, I wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed using your site. Mobility within the site, and your instructions were all clearly explained for each step of the course and the exams. I knew exactly what to expect at each level. Thank you, Carol Horton

Michelle Mcneal, Wildomar, California

Loved the course. Very easy to navigate and very affordable. Thanks so much!! Michelle

Julie Bomar-jones, Wentzville, Missouri

I really enjoyed the Financial CE course and really learned a lot, even though I blew some of the first few tests. I had not ever had exposure to some of the history of our financing in the US and thus, some of it was so new. Enjoyed the course!

Moti Ramnani, Syosset, New York

Great, Simple, even a Baby can go thru the tests. Extremely friendly. Thanks.

Angelica Adelheid Ehinger, San Jose, California

I am very pleased with RealEstateCE! Thank you for making it very well organized and set up! It was well put together, interesting and informative. My only critical comment; there are mistakes that should be cleaned up - I would be glad to do it! ☺

Brian Bertsch, Schwenksville, Pennsylvania

Course is excellent and I am so glad to do it at home rather then in a classroom. Keep up the good work.....

Crystal C Moyer, Studio City, California

Excellent course! I actually had fun doing this! Material is presented in an informative, easy-understandable and fun manner. As well, the course is very affordable. I have really enjoyed learning through Real Estate CE. Thank you!

Suman Choudhary, Mclean, Virginia


David E Conner, Lewistown, Pennsylvania

This was a great program. About as comprehensive as one could expect. I feel I learned more than I expected to. I'm going to be ninety when my license needs renewing again and if I continue I will definitely come back to you folks...Then agsin, I just may decide to finally quit.