Real Estate Continuing Education Customer Testimonials

Customer Thumbnail Image "I'm so happy I discovered this site! It truly has made completing the necessary courses for my license so much easier!"

– Katie Arden, Youngstown, Ohio

Customer Thumbnail Image "This subject of Ethics is handled in an easy to understand format!"

Customer Thumbnail Image "Enjoyed this course, as it is easy to get 'relaxed' yet vital to remember the simple key components that can easily be overlooked or dismissed when you get in a daily routine of constantly listing and selling in real estate. Reinforced and refreshed the laws I always need to remember!"

– Katie K.

Customer Thumbnail Image "Very informative class! Information was easy to understand. Very satisfied with this class."

– Shelly M.

Customer Thumbnail Image "[This is] a great system which forces you to think and really learn the subject matter!"

– Nicholas R.

Customer Thumbnail Image "I've used you exclusively over the last few years because your courses are well written and presented in an easy to understand manner!"

– Jack R.

Customer Thumbnail Image " "Excellent program … great job!""

– Lynne B.

Customer Thumbnail Image "I enjoyed this course. Since millennials will be the largest employee base, I will need to know how to recruit, employ and educate younger people!""

– Randy A.

Customer Thumbnail Image "This was a really good course!"

– Vicki L.

Customer Thumbnail Image "I loved this course! It gave information on a lot of things I had never considered about safety. In the world we live in today, it is good to have training on safety."

– Helen C.

Customer Thumbnail Image "Nice to have the option to complete online!"

– Debra N.

Customer Thumbnail Image "Great course! Thanks for offering!"

– Valerie K.

Customer Thumbnail Image "Very well done course. Great review of GA Real Estate Law!"

– Patricia B.

"Extremely positive and rewarding learning experience. Will use this resource in the future!"

– Alexandre L.

"This is the best online CE I have ever taken. The material is current and interesting. Each course has very practical tips for realtors as well as presenting the subject material in a clear, concise way. The customer support was excellent. Each time I called I got a person right away who was very pleasant and helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this CE program to anyone. (Plus it was also the cheapest course I found!) Warm regards."

– Cheryl J.

Customer Thumbnail Image "Having used many different online CE classes, this has been my favorite!"

– Angela P.

Customer Thumbnail Image "I have enjoyed taking the 36 Real estate CE hours. The case studies have been spot on, and even as a seasoned real estate broker, it has been invaluable to refresh and learn new rulings which affect our every day business. The courses were easy to manipulate and the format was better than many others I have used. I highly recommend."

– Normandee K.

Customer Thumbnail Image "My husband and I have used for the past 8 years when it comes to renewing our real estate licenses and taking our 22.5 hours of training. It's the least expensive online courses and the content keeps us up-to-date on subjects concerning real estate. Thanks!"

– Gail O.

Customer Thumbnail Image "RealEstateCE does an excellent job of creating its courses… I find them all to be very informative and put together in a logical order. The online learning management system is one of the best that I have used!!"

– Raymond W.

Customer Thumbnail Image "Best experience I've had with continuing education over my 20+ years in Real Estate!"

– Linda M.

"The best online CE out there!"

– Silvia P.

"I love this program. It's well written, covers a lot of categories of information, and [is] a great refresher!!"

– Diane C.

"Customer support is excellent. I contacted them by email and phone on Sunday when they were closed and received a prompt email response Sunday evening and a phone call early Monday morning. They were very nice and efficient. Have used this company's online RE continuing education for the past several years and will continue to do so!"

– Grace G.

"This is my family's 2nd year to use We found the program online during a very busy time of our business. [It's] easier than driving here and there for classes. My wife and son enjoy this method of completing our CE, as well! The courses are thorough, and we can complete them at our speed. Thanks for being there! "

– Edward B.

"I believe this is the third time I’ve used RealEstate CE for my coursework. It is a great value, very convenient and covers the material excellently."

– Bettina P.

"This is my third time taking these online courses with your company. I love being able to satisfy my license requirements at home!"

– Donna D.

"Who ever created this program is a genius. I received knowledge I did not have in real estate!"

– Douglas T.

" I love this course. I wouldn't use any other site or program!"

– Suzanne M.

"The customer service staff is friendly and quick to respond and help!"

– Megan K.

Customer Thumbnail Image "Thanks for making fun courses that are relevant to what we do!"

– Kasie F.