Q: This is my first time renewing my TX real estate license. Do you have the courses I need?

A: No. We do not offer the 90–hour post licensing SAE courses that must be completed by the licensee's first renewal.

Q: Do I need to submit my course completion certificates to TREC?

A: No, we electronically submit course completions to TREC daily.

Q: I am not currently supervising any sales agents; do I need the 6–hour Broker Responsibility course?

A: If you have been a delegated supervisor of one or more agents for 6–months or more during this current renewal cycle then you must complete this course.

Q: I am a sales agent but would like to take the 6–hour Broker Responsibility course. Will I receive CE credit for this course?

A: Yes. Any TX real estate licensee can complete this course and receive 6–hours of CE credit.

Q: I would like to take my final exam again my course is making me start over, why?

A: If you fail your final exam twice on the Legal Update I, Legal Update II, or Broker Responsibility courses you will need to repeat the course for additional exam attempts. Elective CE courses are allowed three exam attempts before needing to repeat the course. As always, course retakes are provided at no charge.

Q: I answered a security question incorrectly and now it says that I am blocked.

A: If you do not answer the security questions correctly you could find yourself blocked from that course. You will need to call, chat or email us to unblock your course. If you become blocked when our customer service center is closed, you can always send us an email at support@realestatece.com.

Note: The only thing you have been blocked from one course not your entire account. If you still have remaining CE course you can work on them.

Q: I finished my course lessons and quizzes, why am I being asked to make comments before taking my final exam?

A: Under RULE §535.72, TX CE providers offering courses through distance education will need to demonstrate methods to engage the distance education student in interactive discussions and group activities. We adhere to this rule by providing the comment option on our Message Board. The Message Board is optional on our online ce elective courses. However, anyone completing the Broker Responsibility, Legal Update I or Legal Update II must comment on a minimum four lessons before being able to access their final examination for those courses.

Still have a question? Please contact us and we'll be happy to help you!