Ohio Real Estate CE License Renewal Requirements

Salesperson or Broker

Thirty (30) hours of approved continuing education. Nine (9) of the hours must include the mandatory topics: 3 hours Civil Rights, 3 hours Core Law and 3 hours Canons of Ethics. The remaining 21 hours may consists of electives. Any licensee that is seventy (70) years or older is only required to complete the Nine (9) hours of mandatory topics.

Renewal Cycle: Every 3 years from licensed year on Licensee's birthday.

Inactive or Exempt: No CE is required if a licensee is 70 years old or over and in an inactive status. Licensees that are 69 years old and younger DO need to complete their 30 hours of continuing education even while in an inactive status. License must be renewed and renewal fee must be paid. There is no time limit on how long your license can remain inactive.