New Jersey Real Estate License Renewal Requirements

NJ Real Estate License Renewal Referral Agent changing to Salesperson or Broker

If you would like to change your license type from Referral Agent to Broker of Record, Broker - salesperson, or Salesperson, some Continuing Education or Exams may be required depending upon your individual circumstance. Please visit the New Jersey Real Estate Commission website for more details.

Salesperson, Broker Salesperson, or Broker

12 hours of continuing education. Courses must include:

  • 4 hours of Core
  • 2 hours Ethics
  • 6 hours of Electives

Renewal cycle: Every odd numbered year. CE must be completed before April 30 of the renewal year to avoid the $200 processing fee. Licenses not renewed by June 30 of the renewal year will also incur a $200 late fee.