Explain the Statute of Frauds and a basic PSA. image

Explain the Statute of Frauds and a basic PSA.

Once upon a time, real estate business was conducted on a handshake. Alas, that time is long gone. Today, business is instead conducted according to the real estate PSA (Purchase and Sales Agreement).

The nitty gritty of the real estate PSA and its purpose under the Statute of Frauds may not be the reason why you got into the real estate industry. Nevertheless, understanding PSAs is just part of your job description as a real estate professional.

Perhaps you are a real estate veteran, or perhaps you are just getting your start. No matter the case, RealEstateCE.com has a lesson on PSAs that will suit your needs. Whether you take our continuing education lesson as a refresher lesson, or to gain knowledge of this new information, our real estate continuing education lesson will prepare you to deal with PSAs.

There are many moving parts to a PSA. Keeping them all straight is no simple task!

Despite that, however, you must be fully knowledgeable on every one of those moving parts. Both buying and selling parties will depend on you to provide them with a PSA that they can all agree to. Furthermore, you must be able to answer any questions either party may have concerning the real estate PSA. This situation presents just another opportunity for you to demonstrate your stellar real estate skills. You always want to ensure the happiness of your clients.

RealEstateCE.com's PSA lesson includes a detailed list on every section in a PSA. After finishing this lesson you will be able to discuss every last nitty-gritty detail of the real estate PSA.

Even after a contract is written, one or both parties involved may call for a modification.

Yes, modifying the contract can lead to several headaches! But, as always, pleasing your clients should be your top priority. Therefore, you need to prepare for any situation in which you may need to modify the existing PSA.

Our real estate continuing education lesson can teach you how to tackle this modification request head-on. You will also learn how to avoid some nasty hiccups along the way.

This lesson also provides you with an example of a contract modification situation. After reading this example you will have a firmer grasp on what a contract modification involves.

In your time as a real estate professional you may come across, or have come across, a sale of special circumstances.

What is the proper way to handle a pending divorce action purchase? Or the sale of an estate? The list can go on. Knowing how to deal with these special circumstances will make you are more versatile real estate professional. That is why our real estate continuing education lesson includes a detailed list of these special circumstances.

Our real estate continuing education lesson on PSA can help you achieve this versatility. This lesson includes a section specifically dedicated to special circumstances with detailed instructions on how to deal with them.

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