Explain seller's disclosures statements; who must comply and who may be exempt. image

Explain seller's disclosures statements; who must comply and who may be exempt.

Your clients want to buy a property and they will rely on you to make sure they are making a sound investment. That is where is the real estate seller disclosure law comes in.

There is good reason for the Seller Disclosure Law: liability. You and your client do not want to be on the line for omitting the material facts and defects of a property. Therefore, you want to ensure that your client provides the purchasing party with a seller disclosure statement.

The real estate seller disclosure statement is part of your job description - it also the law. Don't let this statement trip you up along the way. Equip yourself with the education you need to ensure that neither you or your clients flub up on the seller disclosure statement.

That is why RealEstateCE.com offers a lesson on real estate seller disclosure statements. This lesson will help make this job a breeze.

Our real estate continuing education lesson includes a comprehensive overview of the Seller Disclosure Law. You will learn from this section how your responsibilities to this statement are different than your clients' responsibilities.

It is crucially important that you understand how you may and may not assist your clients through this disclosure statement process. If you do not know what you are doing, you may accidentally violate the law.

Furthermore, our lesson also includes a list of several examples to help you identify material facts and defects. It is important that you inform your clients of every last detail that you think is important that your clients include on their disclosure statement. Your clients will rely on you to identify what needs to be included on their statements.

After completing this lesson, you will be well equipped to help your clients easily identify information that they may have overlooked on their seller disclosure statement.

You should never overlook the importance of the seller disclosure statement.

You have an obligation to yourself and your client to understand the laws and regulations which govern the seller disclosure statement. Did you know that 65 - 70 percent of all real estate litigation arises from the lack of disclosures? Therefore, you ned to know how to best protect yourself and your client from any situation in which you or your clients may be at risk with the law.

The best defense is a good offense! Therefore, you need to equip yourself with a strong and firm education on real estate seller disclosure laws.

Furthermore, understanding who must comply and who may not need to comply will simplify your job. There are special circumstances in which some people may not need to comply with this seller disclosure law. As a real estate professional, you need to be able to easily identify these situations.

Working in the real estate industry is rewarding, but it can also cause several headaches. Let RealEstateCE.com simplify your job with our lesson on Seller Disclosure Law.

Take RealEstateCE.com's lesson, Explain Seller's Disclosure Statements, Who Must Comply and Who May Be Exempt, today!