Explain Home Warranty Insurance and Errors and Omissions Insurance and give examples. image

Explain Home Warranty Insurance and Errors and Omissions Insurance and give examples.

Did you know that 65 - 70 percent of real estate lawsuits involve disclosure issues or the lack thereof? Keeping above the fray can be challenging. However, it doesn't have to be stressful. Real estate home warranty insurance and E&O insurance can help give you peace of mind.

The importance of these two insurances cannot be stressed enough! If you are involved in the purchasing of a property which has some kind of defect which was not disclosed, then you are at risk. You have violated a disclosure law and you could be on the line for financially covering the damages caused.

When you are on the chopping block, you will rely on the Errors & Omission (E&O) insurance that your brokerage provides you. However, if the purchasing party acquired Home Warranty insurance after buying the property, your head may never have to be on that chopping block.

Therefore, it is obvious that real estate home warranty and E&O insurance is absolutely necessary. Furthermore, it is crucial that you educate yourself on this topic. If you have a firm understanding of these insurances, you will be in a better position to council a purchasing party on investing in home warranty insurance.

That is why RealEstateCE.com is offering a lesson on real estate home warranty insurance and E&O insurance. Let us help you master both these topics!

Our real estate continuing education lesson can help you better understand the benefits of Home Warranty Insurance. This lesson includes an extensive list of the benefits which come with home warranty insurance. Therefore, next time you are discussing this insurance topic with a purchasing party, you can bring these benefits to the table.

The more you know, the more powerful and persuasive your argument can be!

This comprehensive list of benefits also includes two complimentary examples to help you better grasp the information. Examples will only help you cement your understanding even more. Bringing this information to the table next time will help you make a more irrefutable argument.

Furthermore, our real estate continuing education lesson includes an overview on E&O insurance.

This insurance is even more crucial for you to understand. Errors and Omission insurance is not simply a no-brainer, it is a must have for all real estate professionals. It is commonplace that your brokerage will cover you under their own E&O insurance. However, it is still crucial that you understand the inner workings of this insurance.

Consider, perhaps while representing a listing you damage a portion of the siding of the house. It is incredibly important that you know whether or not you can depend on your E&O insurance to see you through this.

Included in this lesson is a comprehensive list of the benefits of E&O insurance. After finishing this real estate continuing education lesson you will have a firmer grasp on the workings of your E&O insurance.

Understanding Home Warranty and E&O insurance is no walk in the park. However, taking the time to understand it can pay off in dividends. Let RealEstateCE.com help you reach this goal.

Take RealEstateCE.com's lesson, Explain Home Warranty Insurance and Errors and Omissions Insurance and Give Examples, today!