Explain the basic provisions contained in a typical listing agreement. image

Explain the basic provisions contained in a typical listing agreement.

Perhaps you consider Listing Agreements and real estate property legal descriptions glamorous, perhaps not. No matter the case, however, they are both essential parts of the job of a real estate professional.

Keeping track of each detail can certainly become a hassle. Perhaps you are a real estate veteran or a newcomer. Whatever the case may be, the nitty-gritty task of contracts, listing agreements, PSAs, etc., never gets any simpler (or anymore glamorous!).

Sometimes all you need is a refresher to beef back up on your terminology, and viola, you are ready to go. Sometimes you may need a more in-depth lesson to help you get back into the game or to even start the game.

Whatever your needs may be, RealEstateCE.com has a lesson that will help you achieve your goals. That is why we are offering a lesson on Listing Agreements and real property legal descriptions.

This lesson is equipped with a detailed list of every component included in a typical Listing Agreement. With our real estate continuing education lesson under your belt you will no longer need to fret. You will be able to identify each detail of a Listing Agreement.

Furthermore, there are different types of listing agreements:

  • Exclusive Sale and Listing Agreement
  • Exclusive Agency Sale and Listing Agreement
  • Buyer's Agency Agreement
  • Buyer's Agency No Agreement

You have an obligation to yourself, your business, and your clients to understand these agreements. Thus, strengthening your understanding of these agreements will help you fulfill this obligation.

The most the most important part of a Listing Agreement or a PSA is the legal description of the property.

Without the inclusion of this section, a contract is voidable. Needless to say, that is not a situation you want to find yourself in!

Writing a real estate property legal description is no walk in the park. Mastering these techniques is an impressive feat, especially to someone not of the real estate industry.

Writing accurate real estate property legal descriptions is a part of a real estate professional's job description.

Your clients depend on you to write and include these descriptions in their contracts in order to ensure that they are not voidable. As always, keeping your clients happy is your top priority.

Therefore, mastering this technique will make your job easier and make you a more sought-after real estate professional. RealEstateCE.com's lesson on Listing Agreements and real property legal descriptions can help you in this journey.

Our real estate CE lesson includes detailed information on three common methods of real property legal description. Furthermore, an example of each legal description is included. Our real estate continuing education lesson includes the descriptions of:

  • Lot and Block
  • The Rectangular Survey System
  • Metes and Bounds

With this lesson under your belt you will be equipped with the knowledge you need to write and recognize Listing Agreements, as well as to write real estate property legal descriptions.

Take RealEstateCE.com's lesson, Explain Basic Provisions Contained in a Typical Listing Agreement, today!