Explain Anti-trust Laws and the penalties for violating the laws. image

Explain Anti-trust Laws and the penalties for violating the laws.

RealEstateCE.com can help you understand anti-trust real estate laws.

As a real estate professional, you have several laws and acts that you must abide by. One of these is the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. Understanding these anti-trust real estate laws will help you avoid mistakes and help you spot this illegal type of activity.

The Sherman Anti-Trust Act took effect in 1890 and is designed to promote the policy and practice of competition. Understanding the history is the first step to a solid education. The real estate industry is very unique in the way that it allows for cooperation as well as competition. For example, agents will compete to represent a listing, but will also work together to secure buyers for those listing.

Unfortunately, due to this unique duality, it is very easy, even by accident, to violate these anti-trust real estate laws. Involving yourself in an Anti-Trust violation is a felony. Therefore, you will obviously want to avoid these violations.

Educating yourself on these laws is the best way to keep yourself from committing them. That is why RealEstateCE.com offers a lesson that can teach you all you need to know about the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

This real estate CE lesson on anti-trust laws includes a detailed description of the actual purpose of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. After all! Understanding history always lays a firm foundation for the education to come.

Our real estate continuing education lesson on Anti-Trust laws includes a list of three common types of violations. These descriptions also include very specific details on how a real estate agent may act in violation - whether on purpose or by accident.

Furthermore, you will also want to educate yourself on the penalties which accompany these violations. That is why our real estate continuing education lesson includes an extensive and detailed list. Understanding these violations will make your more knowledgeable on this subject. The more information you have on these anti-trust real estate laws, the better off you will be.

It is also a possibility that you may encounter a colleague who is in violation of these laws.

However, if you equip yourself with the education you need concerning these anti-trust real estate laws, you will be able to easily recognize these violations. As a real estate professional, you want to hold yourself and your colleagues accountable for their professional choices.

Furthermore, our real estate continuing education lesson is also equipped with examples which clearly demonstrate violations of these laws. These comprehensive examples will provide you with the education you are looking for.

The more knowledgeable you are on this subject, the better you will be able to avoid these violations and be able to recognize a violation. Therefore, equip yourself with this knowledge by taking RealEstateCE.com's Anti-Trust lesson.

Finally, once you complete our real estate continuing education lesson, you will take a quiz to ensure that you have fully processed and understood the content. This quiz will be the perfect way to finish this lesson strong.

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