Employ the use of video in social media with confidence. image

Employ the use of video in social media with confidence.

They say a picture says 1,000 words. Videos, however, can do even better. Videos in social media make up 74 percent of internet traffic. RealEstateCE can teach you how to tap into this vast pool and use it for real estate video marketing.

The statistics can go on and on. The fact is: Videos garner more attention than any other social media post. Videos are engaging and, if done properly, can capture someone's attention from start to finish. The brand exposure that you can achieve with videos is too good an opportunity to pass up!

In the realm of all social media platforms, videos are king. Certainly, you have been scrolling through your newsfeed on Facebook. More than likely you passed by the majority of text posts - maybe even some images. But when a video pops up, you are bound to watch it or at least to hover over it for a few moments.Learning how to utilize this marketing technique is a must!

That is why RealEstateCE.com offers a lesson on real estate video marketing. Our real estate continuing education lesson will help you master this technique.

You should not use video in social media to simply enhance your feed, it should be your foundation. With a real estate continuing education lesson on videos in social media, you will be ready to take full advantage of this growing opportunity.

Using real estate video marketing will open up a plentiful array of marketing options for you. With RealEstateCE's lesson video in social media, you will learn all about these options and which one is best suited for your business.

Measuring the success of your videos is always key. You want to keep track of how your audience is perceiving your content, whether or not they are engaging, and ultimately, their watch time.

Watch time is the most crucial metric in the analytics of videos in social media. Mastering the art of achieving complete watch times is easier said than done. The attention span of the average audience member is not very long, so it is crucial that you increase their watch times.

With a real estate CE class, you will master the art of the watch time!

There are five principles to follow when creating videos for social media. RealEstateCE.com's video in social media will teach all about these principles. Not only will you learn them, but you will also be taught how to apply them to your own content.

The more people you entice to watch your videos, the more people you will get engaging with your content. That engagement from your audience can result in expanding your fan base and viewership. Therefore, the more people you have watching and engaging with your content, the more opportunities you will have to reach potential customers! Real estate continuing education lesson about video in social media will teach you all about how to create video content that will attract a large audience.

Remember, videos are king. Videos are engaging and they give you the opportunity to get people talking about your business. RealEstateCE.com's video in social media lesson can make learning this material a breeze!