Build circles of engagement within Google+. image

Build circles of engagement within Google+.

Google+ is an essential part of your social media marketing strategy. This platform makes it easier for you to show up in search results. can help you understand how to best use your Google+ real estate marketing strategies.

Google+ is playing a major role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you create your own Google+ profile, then you will be able to tap into that benefit!

There are already 90 million users participating in Google+. This profile is a requirement for people with Gmail accounts. Therefore, there is a very broad audience available to you. The personable nature of the Google+ profile allows you to more efficiently target your content than with other social media platforms. can help teach you how to best configure your Google+ account to suit your business and your brand. There are plentiful Google+ real estate marketing strategies at your disposal.

Your Google+ profile and your About page are where many people will click to in order to learn about you and your business. Therefore, you want to make sure that these pages are as impressive as you are.’s Google+ lesson will teach you about the do’s and don’t’s for these pages.

Google+ offers several more opportunities to personalize your account. Google+ allows you to include on your account:

  • Your logo
  • Tagline
  • Picture of you
  • Cover photo
  • Graphic that represents your brand

Passing up the opportunity to use all these personable aspects may leave your audience wanting more. Don’t be left high-and-dry! With’s Google+ lesson, you will know exactly what to include in each of these personable aspects.

Google+ lets you better target the audience you are catering to. With Google+, you can pick a Community, a Collection, or specific people to share your posts with.

Using this Google+ real estate marketing strategy will make targeting your audience a breeze.’s Google+ lesson will explain how to best use these groups to boost your brand exposure.

Google+ also offers an events feature. It allows any Google+ member to send out invites concerning different events. These invites will reach people who may not even be Google+ members. Your invitation that you send out with Google+ syncs automatically with Google Calendar and it shows up automatically when the user accepts the invite.

The Google+ events feature will make spreading the word about events a breeze!

Google Authorship is another feature available which presents you with the opportunity to take charge of your SEO. can teach you what you need to know to benefit from this unique feature.

Improving your SEO should be the top priority of any social media account you have. When your SEO is higher it means you are getting greater exposure. Greater exposure means more people are looking at your business. More people means more opportunity for conversion into customers and this will ultimately increase your revenue.

The Google Authorship feature will help you achieve that goal! And’s Google+ lesson will teach you how to use this feature to best benefit your business.

Finally,’s Google+ lesson will teach you how to measure your success with Google Analytics.

With’s lesson you will no longer need to wonder about which Google Analytic model best determines your success. Make this task a breeze with

Google+ is an authority for SEO. Don’t let the opportunity to improve your SEO. Let RealEstateCE help you learn how to best use Google+ to better target your audience and improve your SEO!