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3.0 Elective Hours. – Commercial Real Estate Investing

Approval Number: 10011wy

3.0 Elective Hours. – Working in Teams

Approval Number: 10012wy

3.0 Elective Hours. – Duties of a Real Estate Broker

Approval Number: 10008wy

3.0 Elective Hours. – The Power of Social Media Marketing

Approval Number: 4054wy

3.0 Elective Hours. – Managing Conflicts with Tenants, Clients and Employees

Approval Number: 4019wy

3.0 Elective Hours. – Floods and other Natural Hazards

Approval Number: 4017wy

3.0 Elective Hours. – Building Green

Approval Number: 3085wy

3.0 Elective Hours. – Avoiding Common Mistakes

Approval Number: 3082wy

3.0 Elective Hours. – Contracts and Leases

Approval Number: 4041wy

3.0 Elective Hours. – Fair Housing, Discrimination, and the Market Place

Approval Number: 4045wy

4.0 Elective Hours. – Valuation, Marketing, and Listings

Approval Number: 4018wy

4.0 Elective Hours. – Property Management

Approval Number: 3095wy

4.0 Elective Hours. – Planning and Growing a Real Estate Business

Approval Number: 4053wy

4.0 Elective Hours. – The Millennials are Changing Real Estate!

Approval Number: 4089wy

4.0 Elective Hours. – Tiny Homes and Other Alternative Properties

Approval Number: 10007wy

3.0 Elective Hours. – Personal Safety

Approval Number: 3086wy

Continuing education requirements for Wyoming

Real Estate CE is a fully accredited school for real estate ce in Wyoming. Make sure to check the ce renewal requirements below when you're doing your continuing education!

Wyoming Real Estate License Renewal Requirements

WY Real Estate License Renewal Responsible Broker

53 hours of continuing education. Courses must include:

  • 32 hours of Required Education
  • 21 hours of Electives
Required education hours must include one broker management course.

Salesman or Associate Broker

45 hours of continuing education. Courses must include:

  • 24 hours of Required Education
  • 21 hours of Electives

Renewal Cycle: Every 3 years by 12/31 of the 3rd year the license was issued.

Inactive: No CE is required while your license is inactive. License must be renewed and renewal fee must be paid. There is no time limit on how long your license can remain inactive. You will need to complete your CE requirement if you want to return to active status. 

Roster Reporting Procedures for Wyoming

Upon completion of all the course steps, a certificate will immediately, and always be available for printing from your account.

Your continuing education credits will be transmitted electronically to the Wyoming Real Estate Commission the following business day. The roster report number can then be found within the students account. It may take an average of 2-4 business days from the time we report your hours before the Commission updates your license and/or updates their website with the hours.

Renew your license on or before your expiration date to avoid penalties. The commission requires a copy of the course completion certificates, make sure your credit hours total a minimum of forty-five (45) hours (53 hours for Responsible Brokers). You can renew your license online using the commission website.

Wyoming Real Estate Commission
2020 Carey Ave, Suite 702
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002
tel: (307) 777-7141
fax: (307) 777-3769
Website: or Click Here to go directly to the site.

Our School Credentials in Wyoming


School Permit: 18-008-1

2070 Silver City Road

Russellville, Tennessee 37860


Approval Agency:

Wyoming Real Estate Commission

Commission Online Credentials:

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