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3.0 Elective Hours. – Doing the Right Thing - The Code

Approval Number: DEE 2966

3.0 Elective Hours. – Working in Teams

Approval Number: DEE 2961

3.0 Elective Hours. – Disclosure Is Not A Secret

Approval Number: DEE 2964

3.0 Elective Hours. – Commercial Real Estate Investing

Approval Number: DEE 2960

3.0 Elective Hours. – Risk Awareness

Approval Number: DEE 2963

3.0 Elective Hours. – Good Guys/Bad Guys - Who's Who in Mortgage Fraud

Approval Number: DEE 2965

4.0 Elective Hours. – Valuation, Marketing, and Listings

Approval Number: DEE 2623

4.0 Elective Hours. – Property Management

Approval Number: DEE 2618

4.0 Elective Hours. – The Law of the Land - Fair Housing

Approval Number: DEE 2476

6.0 Elective Hours. – Benefits of a Professional Home Inspection

Approval Number: DEE 2962

2.0 Elective Hours. – Floods and other Natural Hazards

Approval Number: DEE 2661

4.0 Elective Hours. – 2016-2018 Core: TRID Safely in a Flood of Disclosures

Approval Number: DEE 2628

Continuing education requirements for South Carolina

Real Estate CE is a fully accredited school for real estate ce in South Carolina. Make sure to check the ce renewal requirements below when you're doing your continuing education!

South Carolina Real Estate License Renewal Requirements

SC Real Estate License Renewal Brokers in Charge

10 hours of continuing education. Courses must include:

  • 4 hours Commission required core
  • 2 hours of Electives
  • 4 hours Brokers-in-Charge

Salesperson and Broker

10 hours of continuing education. Courses must include:

  • 4 hours Commission required core
  • 6 hours of Electives

Renewal Cycle: Every 2 years from the licensed year by June 30th.

Property Manager: A property manager must complete a seven hour course in property management accounting and record keeping prior to becoming a property manager-in-charge.

Inactive: No CE is required while your license is inactive. License must be renewed and renewal fee must be paid. There is no time limit on how long your license can remain inactive. You will need to complete your CE requirement if you want to return to active status.

Exempt: A broker or salesman upon reaching the age of sixty-five years with a minimum of twenty-five years of licensure is exempt from continuing education.

Roster Reporting Procedures for South Carolina

Upon completion of all the course steps, a certificate will immediately, and always be available for printing from your account.

Course completions are electronically reported the next business day following completion.

Dept of Labor, Licenses and Regulation
Synergy Business Park, Kingstree Bldg
110 Centerview Drive
Columbia, SC 29210
Phone: (803) 896-4300
Website: or Click Here to go directly to the site.

Our School Credentials in South Carolina


Provider Number: 952

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Approval Agency:

Dept of Labor, Licenses and Regulation

Commission Online Credentials:

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