Compliance Tool – choose your individual course package

With our compliance tool, you can choose between the mandatory courses (red) and electives (white) to create your course package. You can also pick Reset to suggested courses for a basic ce package that will satisfy the requirement. You can also pick preset courses as packages.

3.0 Elective Hours. – Risk Awareness

Approval Number: 4097ri

3.0 Elective Hours. – How Mortgage Frauds Work

Approval Number: 4095ri

3.0 Elective Hours. – Floods and other Natural Hazards

Approval Number: 4017ri

3.0 Core Topic. – Avoiding Common Mistakes

Approval Number: 3082ri

3.0 Core Topic. – The Code of Ethics

Approval Number: 4029ri

3.0 Core Topic. – Contracts and Leasing

Approval Number: 4041ri

3.0 Elective Hours. – The Power of Social Media Marketing

Approval Number: 4054ri

3.0 Elective Hours. – Fair Housing for the Real Estate Industry

Approval Number: 4069ri

3.0 Core Topic. – Duties of a Real Estate Broker

Approval Number: 10008ri

3.0 Elective Hours. – Building Green

Approval Number: 3085ri

3.0 Elective Hours. – Managing Conflicts with Tenants, Clients and Employees

Approval Number: 4019ri

4.0 Core Topic. – Disclosure Is Not A Secret

Approval Number: 4065ri

4.0 Elective Hours. – Tiny Homes and Other Alternative Properties

Approval Number: 10007ri

4.0 Elective Hours. – Valuation, Marketing, and Listings

Approval Number: 4018ri

4.0 Elective Hours. – Property Management

Approval Number: 3095ri