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3.0 Elective Hours. - The Millennials are Changing Real Estate!

This course provides strategies for effectively marketing and selling homes to Millennials as well as successfully working with them in the challenging and changing real estate industry.

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3.0 Elective Hours. - Tiny Homes and Other Alternative Properties

Learn the key characteristics of tiny homes and the tiny home movement. This course also covers small house communities, techniques for selling tiny homes, and marketing strategies.

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3.0 Kentucky Law. - Mortgage Fraud

Want to learn more about mortgage fraud and how to help your clients avoid being scammed? This course can help!

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3.0 Kentucky Law. - Duties of a Real Estate Broker

Establish a successful firm with solid ethical business practices; this course will help you get there!

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3.0 Kentucky Law. - Disclosure Is Not A Secret

Failure to disclose and misrepresentation claims make up more real estate disputes than all other complaints combined. Know the rules!

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3.0 Elective Hours. - Building Green

Licensee's will be well-prepared to market green homes and homes that incorporate green elements with this course.

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3.0 Kentucky Law. - Agency Exposed

Learn the complexities and responsibilities of agency law.

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3.0 Kentucky Law. - Risk Awareness

The topic of risk management contains a number of subcategories, including: agency, misrepresentation, negligence, mortgage loan fraud, fair housing, antitrust; and unauthorized practice of law. This course will cover all of these subjects.

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