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3.0 Required Broker Core: Management & Common Violations Hours. – Required Salesperson and Broker Core

Approval Number: M17728

3.0 Required Broker Core Hours. – Required Broker Core: Management & Common Violations

Approval Number: MB7642


3.0 Elective Hours. – Managing Conflicts with Tenants, Clients and Employees

Approval Number: E17825

3.0 Elective Hours. – The Millennials are Changing Real Estate!

Approval Number: E17826

3.0 Elective Hours. – Fair Housing for the Real Estate Industry

Approval Number: E17824

3.0 Elective Hours. – Floods and other Natural Hazards

Approval Number: E17737

3.0 Elective Hours. – Doing the Right Thing - The Code

Approval Number: E17644

3.0 Elective Hours. – Personal Safety

Approval Number: E17645

3.0 Elective Hours. – Building Green

Approval Number: E17643

3.0 Elective Hours. – Tiny Homes and Other Alternative Properties

Approval Number: E17827

3.0 Elective Hours. – Avoiding Common Mistakes

Approval Number: E17644