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Requirements for Salespersons renewing for the first time

27 hours of continuing education during each four year renewal period and a 25 hour approved post-license course (fulfills 9 hours of ce).

  • 24.0 Elective Hours
  • 3.0 Georgia License Law Hours

27 hours Salespersons or Brokers - First Time Renewal Package
This package meets the requirements for real estate brokers or salespersons who are renewing a license for the first time. This package is approved for 24.0 Elective Hours and 3.0 Georgia License Law Hours.

This renewal package contains the following 8 courses:
  1. Good Guys/Bad Guys - Who's Who in Mortgage Fraud
  2. Risk Awareness
  3. Avoiding Common Mistakes
  4. Personal Safety
  5. Doing The Right Thing - The Code
  6. The Law of the Land - Fair Housing
  7. Valuation, Marketing, and Listings
  8. Georgia License Law