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3.0 Core Law Hours. – Core Law

Approval Number: 0017740

3.0 Ethics and Business Practices. – Florida Ethics and Business Practices

Approval Number: 0019703


3.0 Specialty Credit Hours. – Duties of a Real Estate Broker

Approval Number: 0019698

3.0 Specialty Credit Hours. – Fair Housing for the Real Estate Industry

Approval Number: 0019699

3.0 Specialty Credit Hours. – Agency Exposed

Approval Number: 0015639

3.0 Specialty Credit Hours. – Good Guys/Bad Guys - Who's Who in Mortgage Fraud

Approval Number: 0015278

3.0 Specialty Credit Hours. – The Law of the Land - Fair Housing

Approval Number: 0015277

3.0 Specialty Credit Hours. – Contracts and Leasing

Approval Number: 0017741

4.0 Specialty Credit Hours. – Property Management

Approval Number: 0016586

4.0 Specialty Credit Hours. – Managing Conflicts with Tenants, Clients and Employees

Approval Number: 0019701

4.0 Specialty Credit Hours. – Risk Awareness

Approval Number: 0015273

4.0 Specialty Credit Hours. – Disclosure Is Not A Secret

Approval Number: 0015279

4.0 Specialty Credit Hours. – Planning and Growing a Real Estate Business

Approval Number: 0017742

4.0 Specialty Credit Hours. – The Power of Social Media Marketing

Approval Number: 0017778

4.0 Specialty Credit Hours. – Doing the Right Thing - The Code

Approval Number: 0015274

5.0 Specialty Credit Hours. – Benefits of a Professional Home Inspection

Approval Number: 0015275

5.0 Specialty Credit Hours. – Tiny Homes and Other Alternative Properties

Approval Number: 0019700

4.0 Specialty Credit Hours. – Commercial Real Estate Investing

Approval Number: 0021000

5.0 Specialty Credit Hours. – The Millennials are Changing Real Estate!

Approval Number: 0019702

Continuing education requirements for Florida

Real Estate CE is a fully accredited school for real estate ce in Florida. Make sure to check the ce renewal requirements below when you're doing your continuing education!

Florida Real Estate License Renewal Requirements

FL Real Estate License Renewal Sales Associate or Broker

14 hours of continuing education. Courses must include:

  • 3 hours Core Law
  • 3 hours Ethics and Business Practices
  • 8 hours of Specialty Credit

Special Note: Effective 10/1/2017 the CE Requirements Changed

A 3-hour Ethics and Business Practices course must also be included in the 14 hours of CE. This is effective for renewals on and after September 30, 2018

Renewal Cycle: Every 2 years on March 31st and September 30th. The date you renew depends on when you initially took your licensing exam and is indicated on your license.

Inactive: CE must be completed regardless if licensee is active or voluntarily inactive. A license that has been Involuntarily Inactive for 12 months or less may be reactivated by satisfactorily completing at least 14 hours of continuing education and a late fee. A license that has been Involuntarily Inactive for more than 12 months, but fewer than 24 months, may be reactivated by satisfactorily completing 28 hours of reactivation education and a late fee.

Important State Links

Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation
License Renewal Link
License Renewal Requirement

Roster Reporting Procedures for Florida

Upon completion of all the course steps, a certificate will immediately, and always be available for printing from your account.

Your continuing education credits will be transmitted electronically to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) daily.

To renew with the DBPR online:

The DBPR has initiated email license renewal reminders to licensees who are in a current renewal cycle and have yet to renew their license. Once you renew a copy of your license will be sent to the email address associated with your online account. This process significantly reduces the amount of time it would have otherwise taken for you to receive your license in the mail. The Department will no longer print and mail initial, renewed or duplicate licenses. If you have more than one email address, please verify your online email account before printing the license.

If you wish to print your license at any time in the future you may do so using your secure online account with the DBPR. Please log into your account and follow the step by step instructions on how to print your license.

If you have not previously registered for DBPR's online services select Renew Your License. If you have already registered for DBPR's online services select Licensee Login.

Department of Business and Professional Regulation
1940 North Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1027
Phone: 850.487.1395
Website: or Click Here to go directly to the site.

Our School Credentials in Florida


Data Connection LLC dba

School License: ZH1001469

2070 Silver City Road

Russellville, Tennessee 37860


Approval Agency:

Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation

Commission Online Credentials:

Click here for the DBPR web site and search on license number ZH1001469.