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3.0 Core Law Hours. - Core Law

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This course will improve the licensee’s ability to protect and serve the public.

3.0 Ethics and Business Practices. - Florida Ethics and Business Practices

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This course provides an understanding of the nature of ethics, the role ethics plays in business, and how ethical dilemmas in business and in all of life can be addressed practically and productively.

3.0 Specialty Credit Hours. - Duties of a Real Estate Broker

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Topics covered in this course include Trust Accounts, Fair Housing laws, Advertising, Licensee Supervision, Commission and Fees, Use of Technology, Antitrust Laws, and General Ethics.

3.0 Specialty Credit Hours. - Fair Housing for the Real Estate Industry

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An in-depth understanding of the Fair Housing Act.

3.0 Specialty Credit Hours. - Agency Exposed

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Learn the complexities and responsibilities of agency law.

3.0 Specialty Credit Hours. - Good Guys/Bad Guys - Who's Who in Mortgage Fraud

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This course will help prepare the real estate professional to alert their client of a potential scheme they could be falling victim to.

3.0 Specialty Credit Hours. - The Law of the Land - Fair Housing

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You will be able to share with the consumer the exemptions and exceptions to the Federal Fair Housing Act and the enforcement process with this course.

3.0 Specialty Credit Hours. - Fair Housing Discrimination

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This course contains instruction pertaining to fair housing and discrimination in the sale or rental of real property or an interest in real property.

3.0 Specialty Credit Hours. - Contracts and Leasing

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Become knowledgeable about the issues in contract law.

4.0 Specialty Credit Hours. - Property Management

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This course is designed to help real estate professionals understand residential property management functions and responsibilities.

4.0 Specialty Credit Hours. - Managing Conflicts with Tenants, Clients and Employees

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Recognize and resolve conflicts, unresolved conflicts creates legal risks to your clients.

4.0 Specialty Credit Hours. - Risk Awareness

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Learn what it takes to make a successful real estate transaction with the course that reviews key risks involved and how to avoid them.

4.0 Specialty Credit Hours. - Disclosure Is Not A Secret

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Failure to disclose and misrepresentation claims make up more real estate disputes than all other complaints combined. Know the rules!

4.0 Specialty Credit Hours. - Planning and Growing a Real Estate Business

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This course will provide a blueprint for developing a workable business plan and using that plan to create a lucrative and sustainable real estate business.

4.0 Specialty Credit Hours. - The Power of Social Media Marketing

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This course is NOT about the technical details of how to use social media. The material is concentrated on WHY you should use the free platforms available to locate and expand your market.

4.0 Specialty Credit Hours. - Doing The Right Thing - The Code

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This Ethics course is designed to meet the requirements of Professional Standards Policy New Member Orientation Program and Quadrennial REALTORs® Ethics Training

5.0 Specialty Credit Hours. - Benefits of a Professional Home Inspection

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After completion of this course, the licensee will know that a professional home inspection reduces the potential for an agents exposure to non-disclosure liability.

5.0 Specialty Credit Hours. - Tiny Homes and Other Alternative Properties

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Television shows like Tiny House, Big Living and Tiny House Nation have brought tiny houses into the consciousness of many Americans and sparked interest in this way of living. Learn more about the tiny home movement with this course.

5.0 Specialty Credit Hours. - The Millennials are Changing Real Estate!

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Millennials have become the largest generation in the workforce and the largest group of home buyers. Learn how to effectively market this large group with our The Millennials are Changing Real Estate course.