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Requirements for Salespersons or Broker second and subsequent renewals

45 clock hours every 4 years consisting of: 8 hour survey course covering the six mandatory subjects (Ethics, Agency, Fair Housing, Trust Fund Handling, Risk Management, and Management and Supervision) OR licensees can take each of the 6 mandatory subjects separately; 18 clock hours of consumer protection courses and the remaining clock hours may be consumer service or consumer protection courses.

  • 27.0 Consumer Protection Hours
  • 3.0 Ethics Hours
  • 3.0 Fair Housing Hours
  • 3.0 Risk Management Hours
  • 3.0 Trust Fund Handing Hours
  • 3.0 Management and Supervision Hours
  • 3.0 Agency Hours

45 hours Brokers or Salespersons - Second & Subsequent Renewal Package
This package meets the requirements for real estate brokers or salespersons who are renewing a licenses for the second or subsequent renewal. This package is approved for 27.0 Consumer Protection Hours, 3.0 Management and Supervision Hours, 3.0 Ethics Hours, 3.0 Agency Hours, 3.0 Risk Management Hours, 3.0 Fair Housing Hours and 3.0 Trust Fund Handing Hours.

This renewal package contains the following 8 courses:
  1. Mortgage Fraud and Finance
  2. Ethics
  3. Risk Management
  4. Fair Housing
  5. Trust Fund Handling
  6. Agency
  7. Common Mistakes
  8. Management and Supervision
We do not have a complete package to fullfill this requirement at this time. Please check back later.