3.0 hours Managing Conflicts with Tenants, Clients and Employees – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

3.0 Elective Hours

This course reviews employee rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Civil Rights Act of 1964, and Family and Medical Leave Act. It provides a summary of these laws, examples of violations of these laws, and practices and strategies to ensure compliance with these laws. Compliance is essential. It reduces employee complaints that lead can to conflicts and potential claims of violations.

There are many ways to ensure compliance. May sure that you create a supportive work environment where collaboration, open communication, and respect for others are encouraged. Always encourage employees to report problems to management, and take quick action to solve employees' problems, meet their needs, and resolve complaints and conflict. You should always keep detailed records of employee problems, complaints, and conflicts as well as their outcomes.

Do your research and gain an in-depth understanding of the laws and how they apply to the business, and then thoroughly incorporate these laws into business practices, policies, and procedures and create an ongoing compliance process. Make sure that you properly train all employees on company policies and procedures regarding these laws.

Upon course completion, the real estate professional will be able to recognize how conflicts with employees can jeopardize compliance with employment laws.

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