VA 8.0 hours Broker Mandatory Topics - Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

8.0 Broker Mandatory Topic Hours.

This course meets the eight hour mandatory topics for Brokers in supervision and management of real estate agents and the management of real estate brokerage firms.

Course Objective

What is a Broker and how should an agent choose one?

Be Aware of the Decisions to Make Before Becoming a Broker

Discover why real estate office policy manuals are essential

Learn What a Good Policy Manual Should Do

Know the Proper Structure of the Manual

Discover that the manual should include a discussion of issues in agency law and licensing law

Understand the Management Considerations for a Real Estate Brokerage Office

Discover the Importance of Creating a Team of Specialists

Describe why Proper Document Management can Reduce Liability and Don't forget about a Copyright Policy

Defining risk and the agents’ responsibilities to minimize risk

Learn from practical examples of how to reduce risk.

Identify comments that would expose an agent to risk

Explain why real estate activities are covered by antitrust law

Understand the differences between the types of listing agreements

Learning more about NAR Code of Ethics Article 4

Know about the methods of determining title and some less familiar ways to hold title

Avoiding the risks associated with advertising and fair housing violations

Avoiding dual agency when contacted about a listing

Describing the Seller’s Property Disclosure statement

Identify obligations when dealing with another’s money

Better Understand RESPA Compliance

Get Answers to FAQs Regarding RESPA

Introduce the Federal Statutes Regarding Do-Not-Call Policy, CanSpam Rules and Fax policy

Learn About the National Do-Not-Call Registry

Learn about Ads and Blogs

Understand the Limits to Using Social Media

Scheduled Outage: July 22, 2017 7:00 - 7:15 EST