3.0 hours Doing The Right Thing - The Code (CORE) Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus:

3.0 Core Hours.

The NAR Code Of Ethics outlines the standards to which the real estate professional are held and serves to motivate and encourage REALTORS® to achieve higher standards of professionalism while serving the best interests of the public.

Some of the key principles of The Code Of Ethics include: Always remember The Golden Rule. Share with fellow REALTORS® a common responsibility for the integrity and honor of the real estate profession. Strive to become and remain informed on issues affecting real estate and to maintain and improve the standards of their calling.

The study of ethics is much more than simply moralizing about what should or should not be done in a situation. More specifically, it is a systematic guide to understanding ethical dilemmas related to everyday real estate practice, and appropriate actions and expected decision-making processes.

After completing this course, the real estate licensee will be able to apply The Code of Ethics principles and guidelines to their practice. Case studies are included. These case interpretations describe specific factual situations to which the Articles and/or Standards of Practice can be applied.