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UT 3.0 hours Contracts Law (CORE) - Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

3.0 Core Hours.

In most states real estate agents are trained in the use of 'standard' or 'pre-printed' form contracts. In other states, only attorneys are allowed to draft contracts involving real estate. In either situation, there is little information provided to the agents about the basics of contract law. It is only through an understanding of the basic principles of contract law, that the agent will understand the many clauses in a contract and the reason behind their inclusion in the overall contract.

Contracts cover two basic transactions. Generally, contracts cover either services or goods. The United States has developed a Uniform Commercial Code that governs contracts involving the sale of goods. This course covers contracts that are not related to goods but are related to services. Generally, contracts that real estate agents will be viewing are contracts that cover services, not goods, as agents typically provide services to the parties involved in the contracts they draft.

Course Objective

Learning the Basics of Contract Formation

How we Discharge our Contractual Obligations

Learning the Remedies for Non-Performance

Understanding Purchase Agreements.

Understanding Listing Agreements.

Learning about Buyer Agency Agreements

Understanding Option Agreements.

Understanding Lease Agreements.

Understanding Escrow Agreements

What do we call what we buy, sell or rent?

Learning the Four Economic Characteristics of Land

Learning the Three Physical Characteristics of Land

Recognizing Various Rights Obtained

Reviewing Legal Description Systems.

Understanding Estates in Land

Recognizing Types of Co-ownership of Title.

Studying Co-ownership of Space

How Do We Show Evidence of Our Ownership?

Limitations on a Property Owner's Rights

Learn the importance of the lease to the relationship between the landlord and tenant and become familiar with common provisions found in a commercial lease.

Understand the provisions regarding control of the property

Explain the provisions of the lease regarding the term, rent, use and maintenance of the property.

Comprehend the provisions of the lease regarding insurance and damage and destruction

Describe the provisions regarding assignment and subletting and of default and breach

Appreciate the provisions regarding brokerage fees

Learn the other provisions to a lease

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