3.0 hours Agency Exposed (CORE) – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

3.0 Core Hours

Real estate professionals must constantly remind themselves of their obligations to their clients and customers, and of their responsibility for explaining agency relationships to the parties to the transaction. Many safeguards have been implemented to ensure that the licensees and consumers understand agency representation, yet there is still much confusion and inconsistency. Until agency representation becomes established and learned in the minds of all those involved, real estate professionals will continue to have the responsibility of educating their clients and customers about agency representation and for making appropriate agency disclosures. To accomplish this, we must first start with making sure that real estate professionals themselves have a solid understanding of agency representation and the ability to communicate that knowledge. Then they must understand disclosure requirements and know how to assure that parties they don't represent are made aware of that fact. For the real estate professional, there is much more than just knowing, understanding and conveying the agency representation requirements of their jurisdiction and firm. Once a licensee has determined who they represent in a transaction; conveyed and disclosed that information to the appropriate parties is when the real work begins. This course will help you gain an intuitive understanding of agency relationship and disclosure so you can avoid potential pitfalls.

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