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3.0 hours Personal Safety – Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus:

3.0 Elective Hours.

Because real estate professionals work in the field, they need to be aware of having clothing that can promote their safety. Dress for success holds very true. Make sure your attire is professional yet comfortable. Avoid attire that would indicate that you are anything but a professional business person.

Wear comfortable shoes. Shoes should be comfortable and give you the ability to run in them. In the case of an attack, you'll want to have the ability to outrun your attacker and get help if at all possible. Some real estate professionals carry an extra pair of shoes in their vehicle one pair for office wear and another pair for touring properties and holding open houses.

Avoid expensive/flashy jewelry. It's often more professional to wear less jewelry. In the event of an attack or robbery, less jewelry can make things simpler. Also, take care to avoid expensive jewelry in your advertising photos. Expensive/flashy jewelry can attract criminals.

Something as simple as your choice in shoes can make the difference in escaping a violent situation and becoming a victim. Jewelry is nice, but expensive/flashy jewelry can attract criminals and is best left safely at home when showing a property. This course provides the real estate professional with tips and suggestions to stay safe and avoid being a victim while showing property. Different examples are presented for better clarity and understanding.

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