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15.0 hours MCE Residential vs Commercial Real Estate (Includes . legal) – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

15.0 Elective Hours.

This course is designed to provide the licensee with information about the practice of commercial and investment real estate and the market place for commercial and investment real estate. Written for the agent with limited experience in commercial and investment real estate, no calculator is needed and all analysis is completed on a before tax basis. Starting by comparing commercial and investment real estate practice with residential practice, the course explains the forms of ownership a commercial and investment agent will encounter in the marketplace. Next there is a discussion of the importance of the lease in commercial and investment real estate and how financing commercial and investment properties is different than financing residential properties. The course concludes by introducing the agent to common financial rules of thumb and the before tax cash flow analysis used in today's commercial and investment real estate marketplace.

This course is approved for continuing education hours for both salesperson, affiliate brokers and brokers by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission - course approval TREC #3713 and/or The Tennessee Auctioneer Commission - course approval #105-0022.