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TX 6.0 hours MCE Broker Responsibility - Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

6.0 Elective Hours.

The purpose of this course is to address the regulatory aspects of the management, operation and supervision of a real estate brokerage firm in Texas. The course provides an understanding and working knowledge of the law of agency, planning and organization of business entities, requirements for written policies and procedures, records retention and control, advertising, recruitment and training of agents, and the anatomy of a complaint filed with Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). The Real Estate License Act (the Act) is Chapter 1101 of the Texas Occupations Code (TX. Occ. Code); the TREC Rules are part of 22 TAC Chapter 535 (the TREC Rules).

Course Objective

Define TREC Related Items

Explain the Broker’s Responsibility With Regards to Salesperson Supervision

Better Understand the Law of Agency

Review the Duties the Agent Owes to the Principal

Review the Duties the Principal Owes to the Agent

Understanding Buyer Brokerage

Review the Issues in Dual Agency

Understanding Problems When Acting as a Property Manager

Understanding How the Agency Relationship is Terminated

Explain Organizational Structures of Real Estate Brokerages in Texas

Better Understand the Requirement of the Broker Creating and Maintaining Policies

Understand What an Unlicensed Assistant May Do

Explain the Rules Regulating Licensees Working in Teams and Groups

Understand the Limits to Using Social Media

Learn What Happens When the Sponsoring Broker is No Longer Present

Explain TREC’s Rules Regarding Document Retention

Understand Compliance Issues Relating to Advertising

Understand the New TREC Advertising Rules

Learn how Dodd-Frank Effects Real Estate Brokerage

Better Understand RESPA Compliance

Get Answers to FAQs Regarding RESPA

Explain the Relation Between Title Companies and RESPA

Be Aware of TREC Rules on Outside Compensation

Explain the TREC Trust Account Policy

Introduce the Federal Statutes That Regulate Cold Calls, Faxes and Spamming

Understand the Complaint Process by Reviewing a Case Study

Learn What Happens After a Complaint is Opened

Read through the Notice of Alleged Violation Against Justine Short

Learn About the Settlement Agreement with Casey Dolittle, the Sponsoring Broker

Understand the Agreed Order

Understand the Newest TREC rules on Advertising

Learn the Can-Spam Rules of the FTC

Learn More About the Can-Spam Rules

Learn About the National Do-Not-Call Registry

Summary Of The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform And Consumer Protection Act

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