3.0 hours Building Green – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

3.0 Elective Hours

Incorporating certification into green home construction is important for two reasons it ensures that sustainable practices were used throughout the construction process from planning through completion and it creates a system for conserving energy, reducing waste, and saving time during construction. Moreover, green certification is a key selling point because it provides evidence that a home is truly green. This course will discuss certifying organizations and levels of green certifications.

The green building movement was created to lessen the enormous impact that buildings have—through their life cycles—on the environment. Measures like green building certifications, codes, practices, rating systems, and standards are specifically designed to conserve energy, raw materials, and water; decrease waste production; reduce pollution, and improve the quality and functioning of buildings. Green building certifications programs have been developed at the national, state, and local levels. There are three national green home certification programs, LEED for Homes, ENERGY STAR, National Green Building Standard™.

Upon course completion, the real estate professional will have knowledge of the types of green certifications and the ability to explain them to home buyers.

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