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4.0 hours Planning and Growing a Real Estate Business

Course Syllabus:



4 4.0 Elective Hours

A business in real estate can provide many rewards including substantial income, flexible work schedules, more control over work life, and the ability to help others. Real estate professionals must carefully plan their businesses to attain these rewards. This course will provide a blueprint for developing a workable business plan and using that plan to create a lucrative, sustainable real estate business. It is designed for real estate professionals who are just starting their business as well as those who have established businesses.

Instructor: Susan Davis
Author: Susan Davis, CDEI 8097
Mandatory Seat Timer: No
Format: Online
Credit Hours: 4
Required Quiz Grade: 60
Exam Required: No

Content Review:
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Availability of Course:
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Tennessee Real Estate Commission course approval number: 8097

Course Objective

Determine the ability to start and run a business.

Determine personal characteristics and professional skills.

Create a framework for writing a business plan.

Explain the purpose and benefits of a business plan.

Use course methods to gather information for a business plan.

Write an effective business plan.

Develop an effective marketing plan.

Describe key marketing strategies.

Explain key elements of the business mindset.

Professional and Personal Development

Managing Fluctuations in Income

Creating an Effective Sphere of Influence

Consider the occupational risks of real estate.

Understand the Risk and Responsibility in Real Estate

Learn how to mitigate risk using polices.