4.0 hours Property Management – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

4.0 Elective Hours

How many support staff members does the property manager need?

The property manager should consider a property's size and structure when selecting staff. For example, a 200-unit apartment building might require one or more maintenance workers, an on-site manager, and security personnel. In contrast, a two-unit brownstone may only require a part-time handyman and janitorial service.

On-site personnel work on the premises of a single property. They include leasing agents, managers, support staff like receptionists and accountants, and maintenance workers. These staff members may be employed by either the property owner or property management company. They are generally paid from a property's operating funds.

Property management companies that oversee multiple properties may employ staff who work at more than one of these sites as needed. This personnel typically provide maintenance service and may have specializations that do not justify full-time employment at just one property. Property managers generally employ multi-site personnel and bill the property owner hourly for work performed. However, property owners might employ these workers directly.

Property managers/property owners can hire contractors as needed to perform many tasks including complex maintenance work as well as make repairs and renovations.

This course discusses the importance of maintenance operations including reducing risk to the property, extending the property's life, making the property more marketable, and increasing the property's value. It also described the key elements involved with maintenance operations: qualified staff, a thorough maintenance plan, and coordinating maintenance.

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