3.0 hours Building Green – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

3.0 Required Subject Hours

Implementing eco-friendly waste management practices is a key goal of green home construction as well as a key selling point in marketing green homes. One way to sustainably manage waste involves recycling and remanufacturing construction and demolition waste to divert it from incineration facilities and landfills. Using recycled materials like reclaimed lumber to avoid creating new waste material is another technique. Building materials made from recycled waste can be more durable than conventional materials. This lesson will explore waste management options for green building.

Construction and demolition (C&D) debris is generated during construction, demolition, and renovation projects. It includes a variety of materials like asphalt, brick, concrete, glass, gypsum, plastic, steel, and wood. C&D debris creates a large, complex waste stream.

The EPA estimates that building construction C&D waste totals approximately 160 million tons per year. This accounts for nearly 26% of the non-industrial waste generated in the U.S. annually. Yet only 20 to 30% of this material is processed for recycling. The EPA also determined that designers and builders typically do not design homes to accommodate efficient renovation and deconstruction.

This course will assist the real estate licensee by helping them to understand and be able to educate the home buyer on environmentally friendly waste management options during the construction process.

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