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SC 3.0 hours Foreclosures Basics - Course Syllabus

 Foreclosures Basics  Course Video Image

Course Syllabus:

The objectives of this course are to: explain the state of foreclosure activity in the U.S.; to understand the judicial and non-judicial foreclosure process;, and understand how the Federal government is fighting this problem.

Course Objective


Pre-Course Assessment

Overview of Foreclosure Activity in the United States

Understanding the Magnitude of the Problem

Learning Activity: Video

Understand How the Government Is Fighting the Foreclosure Problem

Learning Activity: Video

Become Aware of The Making Home Affordable Program (MHA)

Understanding the Foreclosure Process

Learning Activity: Video

Learning about Judicial Foreclosures

Learn About Deficiency Judgments

Learning Activity: Video

Learning about Non-judicial Foreclosures

Be Aware of Alternative Foreclosure Methods

Alternatives to Foreclosure

Assessing the Real Estate Agent’s Role in Foreclosures

Understanding the Basics of Buying a Foreclosed Property


Post-Course Assessment

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