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1.0 hours Personal Safety – Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus:

1.0 Elective Hours.

Self-promotion can be the key to a real estate professional's success. Give some thought about how you promote yourself. It's great to see a sharp looking, young, energetic person on advertisements and business cards, but this may not be the safest approach.

Many brokerages are suggesting and some even have office policies that their affiliates use a first initial and last name on all advertising so as to hide their gender. Other offices are suggesting that their agent eliminate photos on business cards and flyers for safety reasons so that a criminal cannot select a "particular look" to target.

Assess your personal advertising. Are you portraying the polished and professional business image that you hoped to? Your marketing materials can jeopardize your safety as a real estate professional. Divulging too much information can put you at risk for safety. Concentrate on your professional proficiency rather than personal information in ads, resumes, on business cards and websites. Avoid glamour shots and concentrate on your skills and experience in the real estate arena.

This course aids the real estate professional by identifying advertisements and social media posts that can pose a risk of safety for agents and their clients. Upon completion of this course, the real estate licensee will be aware of safe self-promotion techniques that could decrease the threat of violence.