4.0 hours Property Management (satisfies 1.5 hrs of Property Management) – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

2.5 Elective Hours 1.5 Property Management

To achieve the client's goals, the property manager must create positive relationships with tenants. The goal is to create a property that tenants will not want to leave and will recommend to others. Good customer service will help accomplish this goal. Always inform tenants of matters that affect their tenancy such as changes to policies and upcoming disruptions such as plumbing repairs that will require the water to be shut off in a timely fashion. You should provide timely maintenance and repairs to create a pleasant and functional living experience and minimize complaints. Always promptly handle complaints like noise or parking issue with fellow tenants. Work to ensure compliance with landlord-tenant laws to reduce the risk of legal claims. Respond to your client's emails and phone calls in a timely fashion and always provide honest feedback to clients' concerns and accurate answers to their questions.

Certainly, some tenants will pose problems such as not paying rent on time, causing disruptions, and not following rules. Providing either written or verbal communication, depending on the nature of the inappropriate behavior, could alleviate the problem.

This course discusses how property managers can build positive relationships with two important groups: clients and tenants. Providing excellent service such as ongoing and honest communication, sharing information, meeting deadlines, promptly handling complaints are just a few of the suggestions contained in this course.

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