4.0 hours Planning and Growing a Real Estate Business – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

4.0 Elective Hours

Business owners must think for themselves as opposed to letting others think for them. Of course, leaders have experts and employees who help them run their businesses. However, these invaluable people should only be allowed to help them realize their business dreams and not control them. When starting businesses, entrepreneurs should conduct research and think things through before asking for help. This will allow them to ask for exactly what they need.

One-way entrepreneurs can help ensure that their businesses will be successful is to think about the results of their efforts before starting their businesses. Business planning, which this course covers, can help entrepreneurs achieve this goal. Entrepreneurs must develop a connection with their businesses. This might sound strange because businesses are not people, but they are a big part of an entrepreneur's life. Whereas some of the things that connect people to each other are love, respect, and kinship, profitability connects entrepreneurs to their businesses.

To create and execute a successful business plan, a real estate professional must develop the mindset of a business owner. This course will discuss how real estate professionals can create business mindsets to achieve their business goals.

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