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Customer Reviews of PA 14.0 hours Essential Residential Real Estate Topics

Patricia J Marinos, Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania

I enjoyed the course and the price was very good

Nileleen N Tokarcik, Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Course was very convenient with being able to take it at home when my time permitted.(no deadlines to finish) Also course was easy to navigate! I would definately think about taking my MCE course from you upon my next licensing period. Thank You

Janice D Bickel, Seneca, Pennsylvania

The only thing I didn't like compared to other courses I have taken on line were that you couldn't jump from one place to another. If you came on to a long chapter and only had a little bit of time, you couldn't skip it and do a smaller one ! Good course though.

Response: Hi Janice - thanks for the input, we have taken your advice. Students will now have the opportunity to click into any chapter at any time.

Don C Limbaugh, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

Thank you for a very interesting and informative course. I'm impressed by its content and delivery. I'll use you again and recommend you to others.

Frank L. Flori, Greensburg, Pennsylvania

I have taken online hours before and your presentation is by far the best and at the best price. I will certainly pass this along and post in at our office. Thank you. Frank Flori

Eleanor F Thomas, Lewistown, Pennsylvania

It was a great course. We felt that we learned or should I say refreshed our memories to some things that we haven't used in awhile. Three of us worked together with much discussion and a lot of fun doing it. We all ageed that this is the way to go, take a break, eat a snack,and enjoy the fellowship. We will do it again.THanks for a great course. E. Fay Thomas

Lynn R Heasley, Carnegie, Pennsylvania

Your course was a great way for me to complete these hours in the comfort of a warm house during the snow storms in PA during February. The convenience of completing the course during my availability was another positive. And last but probably most attractive was the price. Thanks

Mary Ann Fink, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The course was great. The content was good and kept me up to date on issues.

Shirley J Myers, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

I have been selling real estate since 1982 and therefore, I knew most of the test material already. I would take your exam again. It did cover a lot of important information.

Deborah Balobeck, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The easiest continuing education courses I've ever taken. I would recommend this to anyone. I finished in two days at my own pace. Questions were easy to understand and common sense things that any realtor should know anyway without even reading the text. I will definitely do my next continuing ed with your firm. The price can't be beat also. Thank you.

James E Prosser, Spring City, Pennsylvania

It did the trick! Thank you! I'm glad I chose your company!

Deborah A Featherson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I must admit I was a little hesitant as this is the first time I had been offered an online course for license renewal and the price was right. I really enjoyed the course. It was convenient, easy to navigate, very thorough. It refreshed many of the rules/regulations that I had filed away in the memory bank. Thanks, I'll probably take another renewal course with you.

Kathleen A Chabala, Altoona, Pennsylvania

I really loved taking the course on was so much better than sitting in a classroom for 7 hours... Do you have any broker courses for Pennsylvania that I could take...

Marykay Dibattista, King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania

I found the course to be perfect for my schedule, in that I could take it at my convenience. I would recommend it and will return in2 years.

Randy W. Miller, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Course layout and design made for a positive CE completion. Materials were thought provoking, clear and to the point presented in an easy to follow on line format. Very glad I chose your course to affordably complete my PA CE according to my personal schedule.

Joan O. Capenter, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

I found it very informative and fair. Thank you.. Joan

Glenn Geib, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Thanks, was a great on line course that outlined all important information

Dale E Elfner, Red Lion, Pennsylvania

Clean quick and easy to use!!

Rosemary C Kuhn Hobbs, Hanover, Pennsylvania

I was very impressed with the course and cost. You saved me a lot of money and time with driving to a course provided in my own state that I could do on the computer.

Virginia Childs, Collegeville, Pennsylvania

I was really apprehensive about trying this on-line as to whether is was valid or not, so I called several of the agents listed in my area as endorsements to ask them and they all confirmed it was. I found the material not only interesting but much of it a good source of review. It was easy to follow and nice that the quizzes were at the end of each section within the Chapter rather that one test at the end. You could do it at your own pace and that has now made me convinced this is the way to do Continuing Ed. Very pleased with the course,the content and that I could do it at my pace and time.

Cynthia L Perlick, Shavertown, Pennsylvania

I just finished my continuing education course and I want to a minute to say THANK YOU! It was a great experience. Your site was very easy to navigate, and the beauty of it was that I was able to complete my continuing education courses in the comfort of my home. The course was informative as well and I've come away with a greater understanding of real estate rather than just a piece paper saying I did what was required of me to do. I'd highly recommend your courses to anyone. Thanks again! Cindy Perlick, Realtor Century 21 Smith Hourigan Group - Mountain Top, PA

Thu T Nguyen, Allentown, Pennsylvania

It was great and easy to follow instruction. Thanks

Melanie A Hanjaras, Springville, Pennsylvania

I really enjoyed the CE here. It was easy to use. And it was a good refresher course for me . I will use this site again for my CE.

Deepta Hiremath, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Good value for money. A refresher course. I would have like to have more choices in courses for example short sales or negotiating.

Jodi Lynn Mima, Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania

I enjoyed taking the on-line class. I was able to do at my leisure and felt I could better test my knowledge. Price was great too.

Meyer Idisis, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I saved my time and money. Thank you very much!

Kristi J Brumbach, Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania

very convenient and easy to use.

Carol A Haber, Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania

1st online renewal course I have taken and it was easily accessed and moved fairly quickly. Good reminder information. At my own speed at my own time. I would recommend this course, especially if time constaints on making classroom courses are an issue! --- and of course the price was right!

James Chiodetti, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thank you, I enjoyed the course. It was terse and to the point. I'll use your company again.

David C Smith, King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Courses were informative. Site was easy to navigate and user friendly. The section on cities was a little long, but overall was excellent. David Smith Daniel C Paciello Real Estate Bridgeport, PA

Karen L Starr, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

I loved it. Personally, I felt that I learned more from this course then sitting in a class. I read the information --- it was a terrific way to educate and re-educate on our business. I thought the course material was excellent. Thank you!

Joanne Slifer, Creamery, Pennsylvania

I have always enjoyed the continuing education in the classroom setting and especially coveted the reference materials for future use. Is there any way to obtain the material and information provided for the course study? Some information was extremely valuable and would be a great benefit to update my resource information. Some documentation provided would really be helpful to me such as the websites for EPA, pamphlets available to agents, etc... Can I go back and review the course information or print any of it for such reference? VERY IMPRESSED AND LOVED THE ONLINE AVAILABILITY! THANK YOU!

Warren R Dunlap, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The course was excellent, very well organized and offered practical knowledge. Thanks, Warren

Jose A Rivera, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Course was very explicit and easy to follow. Will recommend it to co-workers.

Janet Feliciano, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

I was very happy with the course. I was imformative, interesting and user friendly. I will use it again. Janet Feliciano

Annola Lakey, Penargyl, Pennsylvania

I was very happy with the course and I found Amy to be very helpful. I would be interested in any continuing education you provide. Annola Lakey

Steven T Trainer, Allentown, Pennsylvania

It was much more enjoyable than having to spend two full days in a workshop. Could do on my time and the course information was a good recap of some basic understandings in the business. I will use it next time. Thanks Steve

Ronald C. Wagner, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Your comprehensive course outline is superb. The refreshment data was well taken by yours truly. Also, the questions and answers were pertinent to today's real estate industry. Keep up the good work

Anna M Stangl, Ligonier, Pennsylvania

I have been an agent for 24 years and have taken many CE courses. This has been the most imformative course I have taken because it was a total refesher course for me. I think all agents should be required to take this kind of course as part of their CE. Enjoyed the information and was greatful that it made me get back to basics. Only draw back was too much on cities. We really do not need that much information.

Deneen Miller, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I really enjoyed taking the courses online. It was convenient due to the fact I work nights and am attending college part-time during the day. I was able to complete the course during my spare time.

Donna Rae Lee, Langhorne, Pennsylvania

I was very happy with the online course and will definately use your service again in two years. It was so convienient to be able to work at my own pace. Thank you for making it available. Donna Rae Lee

Treisha A Krotzer, Fayetteville, Pennsylvania

I thought that the course was easy to navigate and felt very comfortable in being able to do on line.

Carla R Kinard, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

I thought the course was straight forward and dealt with the topics well.

Margo M Emporellis, Mcmurray, Pennsylvania

This was easy and the price was right. Will do it again. Will pass it along to co-workers. THANK YOU!

Charlene N Outterbridge, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Very good class. Intense but informative.

George P Moliatu, Reading, Pennsylvania

I've been a Realtor in Pennsylvania for 18 years. This was, without a doubt, the best way to take the CE course. I will never again attend a crowded classroom, sitting on hard chairs for the 14 hours of CE courses. I really enjoyed taking this 14 hour course in the comfort of my home. I highly recommend that others use Real Estate CE. I would also like to add that you can't beat the ease of this course and the price. Thank you so much. George P Moliatu Reading, Pa.

Janet Snyder, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

This was a great course! Thank you for offering it. The price was good also

Lon M Clemmer, Hatfield, Pennsylvania

Very nice course! Nothing like doing this stuff o nyour own schedule and saving money on top of it!

Lyndia F Meade-jonas, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

I enjoyed taking this course in the comfort of my home ad office. Thank you and I look forward to trying another course very soon.

Wayne H Shych, Spring City, Pennsylvania

I totally enjoyed the topics and pace of the course. I will be back next cycle.

Laureen Taylor-coney, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Navigation was easy and the course user friendly , what more couldl one want. Great site, Kudos to LTC

Jacob D Ensminger, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

Thanks for being there! This sure beats 2 days in a class room !

Nancy M Kimmick, Ligonier, Pennsylvania

The class was very interesting and easy to maneuver. It was great taking classes on line at my convenience and working around my shedule. Thank you, Nancy

Helen F Fuller, Coraopolis, Pennsylvania


Thomas D Atkins, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Loved it! Was very informative, easy to understand and allowed me to go at my pace, finished in half the time. Thanks Tom

Dianne M Stultz, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania

Very nice course to take on line..easy reading and easy to navigate...dianne

Clyde L. Lasure, Altoona, Pennsylvania

I was really happy with the course. It helped fit into y schedual and was layed out very well. I thank you for your service

Tracy Siler, Langhorne, Pennsylvania

Just finished your CE course and found the the content and delivery to be clear and impressive. The course fit my schedule nicely, and navigation throughout was simple. I could stop and return at my convenience. Great price, I've already recommended this course to other agents. Thank you!

Nancy Asensio, Robesonia, Pennsylvania

I commend you for this course It was very informative and well rounded. I really enjoyed it. Thank you. Nancy Asensio

Rita Y Yannayon, Erie, Pennsylvania

I found this course very easy to use, and fit my needs perfectly. It was comprehensive and covered the course material well.

Claude Cooper C/o Keller Willams Real Estate, Exton, Pennsylvania

Simply the best and most extensive on-line CE course on the market.

Markeeta, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The course was grrreat!!! It was a perfect fit into my budget, and life. I was not able to complete the my ce until last week. The course was very well formated, and simplistic. I will continue to take your courses. Thanks!!!

Lorraine R. Voytko, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

I thought the review was comprehensive. Since I am not a full time agent, I found the review helpful.

Nancy J Hughes, Lehighton, Pennsylvania

This course went so smoothly. Navigation was great and the content was interesting. I will definately be a repeat customer. Sincerely, Nancy J. Hughes

Roberta J Kuhns, Allentown, Pennsylvania

Good information

Shelley A Zamiskie, Jeannette, Pennsylvania

Great course. I was able to complete my C.E. at home. It was easy to navigate and the course information was helpful. Shelley

Terri R. Pendleton, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The course was easy to navigate and the content applicable. Not only was it a review, but I learned new pertinent information as well. It would be beneficial to have the correct answer displayed if a wrong answer was selected. In addition, I needed to speak with customer support at the end of the course and the service was excellent. I would recommend this online continuing education service to others!

James Bittner, Sabillasville, Maryland

This course is very comprehensive without being boring. Thanks Jim Bittner

Alfred Edmonds, Voorhees, New Jersey

Course was great and provided me the opportunity to complete state requirements on line doing a time that met my schedule schedule

Linda G Hanley, Bellefonte, California

Interesting course, glad to have participated.

14.0 hours Essential Residential Real Estate Topics

Course Description:
This course satisfies the 14 hour ce requirement for licensees. This will not satisfy ce for first time renewals.

Susan Davis

Coura Gaye-Sow

Credit Hours:

Exam Required:


Content Review:
The Table of Contents page within each course will list the lesson titles and the expected time it should take the student to complete.

Mandatory Seat Timer:

Availability of Course:
You will have 180 days to complete the course. The State course expiration date will override the account expiration date assigned at the time of purchase. Any expired, unfinished course will be replaced with a current state approved course, and will be available to you until your account expires. The courses can be accessed from any device connected to the internet at any time.
Course Description: This course satisfies the 14 hour ce requirement for licensees. This will not satisfy ce for first time renewals.
Instructor: Susan Davis
Coura Gaye-Sow
Credit Hours: 14
Exam Required: No
Author: RECE000123
Content Review: The Table of Contents page within each course will list the lesson titles and the expected time it should take the student to complete.
Mandatory Seat Timer: No
Availability of Course: You will have 180 days to complete the course. The State course expiration date will override the account expiration date assigned at the time of purchase. Any expired, unfinished course will be replaced with a current state approved course, and will be available to you until your account expires. The courses can be accessed from any device connected to the internet at any time.